Your orgasm, my power…

Your orgasm, my power…

According to some, men are sexist if they enjoy giving women sexual pleasure.

I wrote about it here.

They say that men are making women’s orgasms all about them, and it’s misogynistic and wrong, mmkay?


I get it.

My orgasms are mine, and if we get there together, it’s a collaboration, not something you do all on your own.

And anyone who thinks or acts differently is a schmuck, for sure.

However, I get that other side as well.

Because I own my partner’s orgasms. He does not cum without me. Period.

And that is freaking amazing and powerful.

To know that the source of his sexual pleasure is me. And more—and this is where I differ from the people they were discussing in that article—he gave them to me. With joy and consent.

He WANTS me to own and control his orgasms.

And that sexy AF.

Because watching him experience pleasure and KNOWING that I am the source of that, well, it a rush. A major rush.

Now, I don’t pretend that I am the only one who could ever give or has ever given him pleasure. Nor do I pretend that I will be the only one forever.

And even being one of many who have come before me, knowing that I give him pleasure in the ways that I do, that are unique to me, and unique to us and our physical and emotional collaboration?

Well, it’s powerful. And special. And something I am incredibly grateful for.

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