Wednesday Writing Prompt: Topping from the Bottom

Wednesday Writing Prompt: Topping from the Bottom

The Wednesday Writing Prompt is a new feature I’m trying out. I used to post writing prompts, and people seemed to really love them, but I was never organized enough to keep it up (story of my life, LOL!).

However, I’m getting organized, and if you’d like to play along, I’ll keep it going.

Here’s how it’ll work:

Every Wednesday, I’ll post a prompt. If you’d like to play along, Simply write a comment with your thoughts, or post to your own social media, and share a link in the comments, or tag Dating Kinky’s social media accounts.

The following Wednesday, I’ll share my own thoughts on the topic, along with the next prompt.

This week’s topic is: Topping from the Bottom

I encourage you to write anything—fantasy, personal experience, a thought exercise, a poem, a how-to—on the topic and connect with us to share it.

I’d love to see what you have to say! smiles

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  1. Thank you. What a wonderful idea. As this is my first post here, please accept this with all the goodwill that is meant intended. It is so nice to see you educating us through provocative discussion.

    Topping from the bottom seems to be a very popular theme that takes on a life of its own. FLR, the concept of alpha and beta, are two others that feel similar.

    As a person who feels sub, I struggle to get my head around the concept of topping from the bottom. I wonder if it doesn’t actually even exist. I wonder if it is the self-conscious reflections of an insecure Dominant. In my own life, I am expected to communicate. She corrects me all the time even in normal speech, helping me to see our positions clearly. I am failing to do my part if I don’t communicate my feelings, needs, etc. But there is never ever even the slightest doubt of who is supplicant and who is the high priestess. D/s is a journey that requires pilot and vessel, but the vessel

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