Prove Thyself

Prove Thyself

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase that “actions speak louder than words.”

It’s absolutely true.

But online, it’s kind of weird, since we really just have our words (and some pictures) to connect.

So, we need to show action with our words, and not just say something directly.

And that can feel a bit awkward to some, because maybe the other person won’t understand, or will miss the communication.


That happens.

But saying “I’m funny.” In your profile is not going to convince someone in the same way (or at all) as just BEING FUNNY.

“I love to travel” is not going to mean as much as being able to show photos of your travels or talking about what you learned in Vladisvistok.

Prove who you are through your words and your words about actions, rather than simply stating your thoughts.

We discuss more about writing your your online dating profile for your audience in my book Dating Kinky: Find the kinky love of your fantasies (read the first 50 pages free!):

Also, Dating Kinky is hosting a 4-week profile makeover event online for a select group of people of different roles, genders, sexual orientations, races, and abilities.

I, our brilliant coaches, and your partner (you’ll be paired up with someone new each week) will work with you every step to get you the BEST DAMN dating profile you have ever had!

And we’ll share your progress with the dating world, so others can meet you, learn about your challenges and follow along as you create your profile.

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