Writing Prompt: Is Trust Earned? Or Is it Given?

Writing Prompt: Is Trust Earned? Or Is it Given?

Trust is Earned

There is no right answer that applies to everyone, I think.

Every answer depends on how you see trust.


firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.

That’s a dictionary definition. I’ve also read that trust is as simple as the ability to predict another’s behavior. Or just faith that a person will not harm you, or is not capable of crossing certain boundaries.

It’s all of these things to me.

And more.

And less.

I give trust, then it is earned. It’s a cycle.

On the other side, it works the same way. I take trust away when it’s broken. Also a cycle.

But it’s more than just a transaction to me. It is a kind of faith. To be worth something—anything—it must withstand mistakes and challenges. When it is earned, however, it transcends. It grows exponentially. It becomes so much more than when it was given.

The Prompt

What about you? Is trust earned? Is it given? It it something else, something that just grows naturally, without any conscious attention?

How do you trust?

  • Do you trust easily?
  • Do people trust you?
  • What are the components of trust?
  • Is trust different on either side of the slash?

Feel free to write in the comments or in your own journal and link here (so others can read it), or just think on it or write on it and keep it to yourself, if you prefer.

I’ve posted a few thoughts. I have more, of course. I don’t want to influence anyone, though, as I love the idea of getting your honest and gut-instinct responses.

Write a sentence. A paragraph. An essay. Or whatever this is to you. Talk it out. Make it yours.

I’m looking forward to reading your responses!

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