I get the question a lot: “Do I have to (fill in the blank) to be a cuckold?” Some of the fill-ins are wild:

“Do I have to be bisexual to be a cuckold?”
“Do I have to love humiliation to be a cuckold?”
“Do I have to in chastity to be a cuckold?”

No, no, no, and no for whatever you’re about to ask next that you got from some meme online.

Yes, many cuckolds enjoy these things. Just like many people who cook love ice cream, avocados and ribeye. But you don’t HAVE to love those things to be a cuck.

They are adjacent interests.

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  1. My Wife/Domme is Bisexual I am not. She enjoys making love to women. They provide an aspect I can NEVER fulfill. I am happy to know She is pleased and satisfied it feels good. I love Her and we have a incredible sex life on our own but she needs this as well

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