TPE Does NOT Equal Abdication Of Responsibility, To Me

TPE Does NOT Equal Abdication Of Responsibility, To Me

Total Power Exchange

Women think I’m weird because I seek to never make decisions.

To be honest, a man (or any gender) that never makes decisions is not what I want in the formation of a relationship, either.

I require a partner who can prove he is equal to me in most ways (superior in some), who brings more value to my life than he sucks out.

I would never consider making all the decisions in a relationship until I’ve had at least a year (more likely 2-3 years) with someone, and I know that we have a good foundation for a deeper commitment to FLR.

And even then, I would not accept ANYONE who I could not only trust to make decisions for themselves or for me, in the case of an emergency, but who I could trust to make EXCELLENT decisions, and advise me in making decisions for both of us and any other partners we might have as requested.

My partner needs to be able to speak up, bring new ideas and ways of thinking to my life AND accept my lead.

At the very least, I need to be able to say, “I’m exhausted and brain dead. I’d like you to make all the decisions tonight. You know how to pamper me…”

The idea of any relationship as an excuse to make NO decisions at all is not only not appealing to me, but seems like a wank-fantasy.

Thoughts? Anyone reading that disagrees?

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