Happy National Unicorn Day!

Happy National Unicorn Day!

In a relationship, a unicorn is often an outsider who is brought together with the poly’s to engage in sexual activity and/or a full-blown relationship.

Most often, unicorn refers to a bisexual woman, with “dragon,” “minotaur,” and other mythical creatures (and the more mundane, bull) representing the third man in such a relationship.

But unicorn actually covers all genders as an overarching concept.

Because the whole idea is that unicorns are rare (don’t exist), and only a select few are graced by their appearance.

And that is definitely true.

Think about how difficult it is to find one person you really connect with, then think on how difficult it could be to connect with TWO people, equally, who already have strong ties with each other…

It’s not easy.

Although it can be done, and is.

And sometimes it’s done…well…badly. Unethically.

And those times, the triad becomes a dumpsterfire with napalm added, and the unicorn is usually blown to smithereens then discarded, while the couple moves on.

So, today, on National Unicorn Day, I’d like to give a shout-out to all those amazing unicorns out there (proud? Feel free to tell everyone who you are!), and to leave this for those who have thought to themselves how amazing it might be to have one of these fabulous creatures in their life:


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