Until I don’t.

For example, I love touching someone as I fall asleep, but I hate being trapped while I’m sleeping. That will just make me cranky.

For some, it’s about body heat.

Not me.

It’s just a need to feel free to move around as I need to.

But I also love falling asleep on the sofa with my head or feet on my partner’s lap. And when he comes to bed at night, and wraps himself all around me until he falls asleep and we naturally separate, maybe with my toe touching his calf or something to maintain connection.

And cuddling, for me, is even better when it’s flesh-to-flesh.

It feels more REAL.

But only when I currently like the person I’m cuddling with.

Not just love.



I can’t cuddle when I’m mad at someone. It’s like their touch which normally gives me comfort suddenly turns into he embrace of a hedgehog. It’s distinctly uncomfortable.

On the other hand, cuddling helps prevent the flare-ups of tension and anger that make cuddling not work, so it’s a virtuous cycle, when used.

And there’s science behind it.

  1. Cuddling improves mental health.

The oxytocin released during cuddling helps people fight off the effects of social rejection, depression, and anxiety.


2. Cuddling helps you be more resilient.

A study in 2018 showed that a single hug made participants better able to deal with stress for days after, and that they bounced back more quickly. The more hugs, the greater the effect.


3. We feel more bonded to our partners.

Cuddling releases oxytocin, which is not called the love hormone for nothing.

BONUS: It also makes us feel better and more connected to others, not just our partners.

4. Cuddling boosts your immune system.

People who get cuddled and hugged regularly are less likely to get sick when exposed to a cold virus than those who don’t get physical affection.


5. Physical connection reduces the effects of pain.

Handholding was studied, but the effect is suspected to apply to hugging and cuddling as well.


And there’s more:

Cuddling lowers blood pressure.
Cuddling increases feelings of confidence and self-worth.
Cuddling improves your sleep.
Cuddling helps with digestion.
Cuddling improves your emotional IQ.

I know right now, many of us are not able to cuddle with the ones we love (or find one to love and cuddle).

And I’m hoping things return to normal soon.

And of course, I’m dedicated to helping people connect and find their kinky partners to cuddle and do all the kinky fun sexy things with.

And this is why, even though we are a kinky dating site, I write so much about love, romance, communication, and relationships. Because kinky relationships don’t exist in a void.

I serve the whole kinky person, and want to help YOU make the most of the connections you make, kinky or otherwise.


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