Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day

Here at Dating Kinky, we believe in celebrating and lifting women.

We are a woman-owned business, and focus on centering diversity in everything we do.

In fact, I’m going to tell you something that I hold as critical to our growing success:

We are built for non-cis-het-men.

Which may seem pretty sexist. I know it sounds cringe to me event say it. And yet, I have nearly two decades online in kink and dating spaces, and nearly all of them are run by and for men.

Men will pay desperate amounts of cash to access…whatever. Maybe not you. But men. Men pay the biggest parts of profit in sites geared towards kinky people, sex-positivity, and poly.

Which is not a problem, UNLESS that means that the policies are also focused on what makes those paying men happy, and so many of those paying men are, let’s say, not nice.

They want to objectify others, stomp around (virtually) with their privates swinging, and generally treat non-men online as fetish dispensers.

And I think that’s enough of that.

So, I’m focused on building a site and app for women and other non-men. That centers consent and control over the online experience. That encourages friendliness and acceptance. And makes it easy to report icky behavior.

And you know what?

That may sound sexist, but really, I want to create a site where men looking to authentically connect with women and men and other genders ALSO feel comfortable, because there is no double standard.

If women don’t feel immediately defensive and creeped out by the sausage fest that is most online kink and dating sites. If all genders are treated fairly, and encourages genuine engagement and openness…

Well, it’s better for everyone.

And some of those problems that men have online? Well, those get solved, too.

  • Scammers and fakes (easy to report, plus we LOOK for them)
  • Suspicion (as we grow and create a consistently safe atmosphere, everyone will be more open to possibilities)
  • Other men making them look bad (bad actors are handled quickly and effectively, so YOU shine)

All because of women like me and the amazing women who support DK and have offered their suggestions over the years.

Kinky women. Women who love sex. Women who want to meet others for kink and sex and…well, whatever.

Dating Kinky celebrates women.

Because by celebrating women, we lift us all.

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