An avocado by any other name…

An avocado by any other name…

For years of my life, I hated avocados. Something about the texture just yucked me out.

Then, one day, I had some fresh guacamole, and suddenly I loved them, and I’m so glad. This sexy fruit is a miracle!

Did you know that avocados originate in Mexico and Central America and were named āhuacatl by the Nahuatl?

And did you know that āhuacatl means testicles?

Magnus Pharao Hansen, PhD tells Snopes that the Nahua probably used the anatomical definition as slang, like how we might use the term “nuts” today.

It was the Spanish conquistadors that changed the name to aguacate. When the fruits were imported into the US, they were sold under a variety of names, such as “avagato pear” and “alligator pear,” and eventually settled on avocado.

Aside from the name, avocados have long been associated with a lush sexuality, in part because of the shape, and also possibly because of the endorphins released during consumption.

The Aztecs believed the fruit of the “testicle tree” had fertility properties, and science has proven them right!

Avocados are high in Vitamin E, beta carotene and magnesium, all nutrients related to heightened sexual proclivity, especially Vitamin E.

These delicious green fruit also have more potassium than bananas, which is important for sexual arousal, since it depends on potassium ions in brain cells.

So, there you have it.

Obviously, the Nahua and the Aztecs had the right of it. The avocado is a definitely sexy fruit!

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