Happy Lovers Day!

Happy Lovers Day!

Today is a day to celebrate lovers, but I have something I prefer more.

Why not make today a day that you treat your relationship, however long it might have lasted, as if you were lovers?

Hear me out.

Often times, we forget how deeply we really love and desire each other, as the weight of life piles on us. Kids, work, pandemic, stress in general…

And we lose that lovers’ spark.

The part that drew us together to begin with.

The other parts, the bonding, the shared memories and responsibilities, those are important, too. And they have their place.

Maybe planning some wild abandon together (even if it doesn’t happen today), with some lingerie and toys and experimentation and romance, as if you were lovers (still are? GREAT!) is JUST what fits the bill, especially after the 2020 and early 2021 many of us have had.

But really, any excuse to carve out some lovers’ time in a hectic life is a good one. Why not take it?

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