It’s Not Cheating: Kickoff! Breakfast Chat with Nookie & Jessie Sage

It’s Not Cheating: Kickoff! Breakfast Chat with Nookie & Jessie Sage

Jessie Sage is a sex worker, public speaker, and writer who covers sex and relationships, sexuality, and sex work. She writes a weekly sex column in the Pittsburgh City Paper, and is the co-host of the Peepshow Podcast. Her words are in the Washington Post, VICE, Men’s Health, On Our Moon, SexTech Space, and Cyborgology. She has appeared in Hustler, Forbes, Rolling Stone, Healthline, Mel Magazine, and more.

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Nookie Notes is a lifestyle Dominant who enjoys discussing, researching, practicing, and writing about love, sex, romance, and kink. She has been featured in Kink Weekly, Darkside Magazine, Bustle, the ProudToBeKinky Podcast, and more.

She identifies nonmonogamously as a Cuckoldress-Pimptress who is polyamorous and monoromantic.

She travels all around the country and internationally teaching and keeps herself busy building and growing her site


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