Nonmonogamunch, EP2: The Green-Eyed Monster

Nonmonogamunch, EP2: The Green-Eyed Monster

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Join us under the ethical nonmonogamy umbrella every third Wednesday for discussions about polyamory, open relationships, relationship anarchy, and everything in between.

Whether you’re curious, opening up for the first time, or living in an 11-person polycule, the Nonmonogamunch welcomes you and yours.

This month’s topic: The Green-Eyed Monster

One of the first questions about nonmonogamy is often “What about jealousy?” This week we will look at jealousy and its variants, how to talk about and and work on it, and that mysterious thing called “compersion.”

Links from the show:

Miss_Trussed’s Fetlife page
The Jealousy Workbook (Kathy Labriola)
More Than Two (Franklin Veaux)
The Ethical Slut (Janet Hardy)

Every THIRD Wednesday. Next episode: June 17 at 8PM EST.


Yvonne 20:22:52

I’m relatively new to the idea of compersion. Could you explain a bit more how compersion is not the opposite of jealousy?

Consider8Fucker 20:30:45

Why would that be a concern if a partner didn’t feel jealousy now & again?

Trueindigo 20:35:12

other thing I am in a new triad situation where the wife holds the permission and has pulled permission once I find what is referred to as new relationship energy to be a problem any insights?

Lexy 20:39:22

How do you counter jealousy when your partner is new to poly and you get scared they may meet someone and decide poly is not for them?

Hyde’s puta 20:54:49

I’ve been monogamous in all my relationships. i’m in a new relationship and my master is poly, what’s is the best way to try to prepare myself mentally for when he add another person. Would it be helful for me to also be poly?

Lady Lilith 21:02:41

How about when the existing relationship isn’t “established” and the other partner is introduced as a “friend” and then almost a year later vetos your separate relationship claiming you were brought into theirs. The shared partner says their preferred relationship style is relationship anarchy while their other partner clearly wants heirarchy and subsequently destroyed your relationship to ensure theirs.

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