It’s Not Cheating: Poly and Kink and the Space Between

It’s Not Cheating: Poly and Kink and the Space Between

Do you ever feel like you are caught between two different communities when you identify as polyamorous? Are you kinky? Are you poly? Are you both? Can you be one without the other? Where do they intersect? I’ll try my best to answer these questions and more and we dive, head first, into the space between.

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Miss Bettie is a connoisseur of many forms of play and sensation play trips her trigger. If done right, sensation play can send a bottom as deep into bottom space as any impact play or rope scene you can dream up. Wax, fire, electricity, knives, feathers, ice and leather are just a few of the ingredients. And this form of play can be as inventive as you are. So bring your imagination and let’s see what we can make happen.


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