Feeling safe: what does that even mean?

Feeling safe: what does that even mean?

The idea of safe spaces has been much maligned lately, with people mocking each other (from all sides, this is not a political rant) and suggesting that we should all just “man up” (whatever that means) and be OK with things that threaten us.

And like everything else that has been polarized in our world, there is truth on both sides.

The more resilient we are, the better. And strong.

However, we all also need a space to feel safe in, to live our best lives.

According to the six human needs, we need certainty and uncertainty.

We need times of adventure and times of boredom.

We need to be challenged and frightened and to overcome.

And we need to be able to retreat, regroup, reconnect and to feel safe.

And it’s nice, delightful, even, when we have one or more poplin our lives who can be a safe space for us.

And what safe means is different for everyone.

Some people define a safe person as someone who will always tell the truth, no matter how negative it might be.

Others might need someone who doesn’t really speak at all, but gives the most amazing hugs.

Some just want light companionship watching anime, and shutting the world out.

But whatever that safe place is, whoever it is with, it’s worth being grateful for, and saying so.

It’s a new year, after a long and troubling 2020. Take a few moments today, if you can to think about the people who make the safe spaces in your world, and take time to thank them for that part of themselves they share with you.

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