I don’t NEED to be taken care of…

I don’t NEED to be taken care of…

There is a silly and sometime harmful belief out there that submissive are weak.

That they follow others because they have not direction of their own.

That they are not functional humans in their own right, but merely accessories for a dominant.

While I imagine there are those out there who could fit into this stereotype, more of the submissives I know are amazing, strong, capable people who CHOOSE to submit and serve.

When I found this quote:

“I don’t need to be taken care of; I want to be. I’m not a helpless weakling; I want someone who can stand up to me. I’m not generally a submissive person; I’ve met someone I can follow.

I want to submit to you.”

It resonated with me, reminding me of those in my life who devote their lives to serving others in small and large ways.

People who choose the submissive role in power exchange relationships have one thing in common: they choose to be submissive IN RELATIONSHIPS.

Anything else could also be true, like:

They are submissive in ALL their relationships.

They usually take charge.

They are parents.

They are childless.

They are brilliant.

They are below average in intelligence.

They are capable.

They are disasters.

Of course, submissive can be any gender, any race, any age.

I just responded to someone this morning who commented on one of my posts that humans have an amazing ability to see patterns. This helps us grow and survive and learn and thrive.

It also can stifle us and blind us to the amazing variety we see, when we rely more on patterns (and lumping people together) than on observation (and taking each individual as they are).

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