A Thought Exercise On Dominance—Join Me?

A Thought Exercise On Dominance—Join Me?

I grew up with a philosophy professor. Dialog was a part of my mental development. It was considered high entertainment by my parents to ask me questions way beyond my pay grade, and allow me to figure out whatever answers I could.

“How do you know you are real?”

“Mom! I’m six, FFS! How the fuck should I even begin to know how to answer that question?”

(This is a real opening question. The reply is a retrospectively perfect reply, at least in my own head.)

So, I enjoy dialog as a way to explore ideas, and practice it (sometimes nonconsensually) in my messages.

The dialogue in the first comment happened about a year and a half ago. I’m including it, so you can see my thoughts and responses. I hope you’ll offer your own without influence, in case I’m missing important points.

Here are the questions that came of it. I’m curious about your thoughts.

  • Regarding D/s, M/s, and O/p: Which relationship (if any) inherently lack any limits?
  • Regarding hard limits: Does having a hard limit a restriction on the D, M, or O type undermine or completely eliminate their power?
  • Does any/every restriction imposed upon a D, M, or O type undermine a power exchange relationship? If so, are there some that are more likely to do so than others?
  • Regarding O/p, would you say that owning a person is the same as owning a car? How is is similar? How is it different?

I’m fascinated by the thought ideas behind these questions, and the varying viewpoints I might get.

Please feel free to answer one or none or all.


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