Happy Lesbian Visibility Day!

Happy Lesbian Visibility Day!

A couple of weeks ago, I was working with a content partner on some gender and sexual orientation education (forthcoming), and as we talked, we went through some of what Dating Kinky has done to create a space that welcomes everyone.

And there was a question about some choices I made in creating the sexual orientation options.

Specifically about why I had “gay” as an option, but not “lesbian.”

And my honest answer was that when I created the list of sexual orientations 4 years ago or so, none of the 20 or so LGBTQ folk I spoke with wanted it separated.

AND, in the time since then, I’ve not been asked to separate it.

Today, I have.

Dating Kinky now has both gay and lesbian as sexual orientations.

And as we learn more, and hear more from our members, we will change and grow and evolve.

Because no matter how much we may try to get it right, what is right can change. And who we are connecting with and what they think is right does not represent any/everyone we may want to welcome.

So, this April 26, in honor of Lesbian Visibility Day, we’ve just given lesbians a bigger voice on Dating Kinky.

Because love is love, and all love matters.

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