Thoughts on the possessive “My…”

Thoughts on the possessive “My…”

A few years ago, I saved a post on Facebook that made me laugh and cringe and just…well, I’ll be honest, sigh.

Because while I get the idea behind the post, I really strongly disagree with the execution.

Pet Peeve: when a submissive says “my Dominant” or “my Master/Mistress”
Why? Because MY is possessive and the s-type doesn’t own the D-type
Fight me

I didn’t fight. Wasn’t worth it to me.

I have no need to convince others of their rightness or wrongness FOR THEMSELVES.

However, for those who might be reading things like that online, and wondering about it, let me give you a different take.

In the dictionary, the first definition for “my” is: belonging to or associated with the speaker.

Associated with.

That seems pretty clear, and no need to fight.

We also say thing like “my president,” or “my country,” while we absolutely do not own them.


Because in this case the word “my” connotes a connection (associated with), a sense of pride, a belonging, and to a certain extent a responsibility from “my president” or “my country” to us.

I feel the “my” in “my dominant,” “my owner” and “my master” is the same.

It makes clear there is a relationship. And it also (in my mind) has the added dimension of speaking to the responsibility that the D-type has to the s-type.

Because I define a power exchange as a D-type receiving power in exchange for their responsibilities (however those are negotiated). And the “my” speaks to those responsibilities.

And I’ll go one step further: Ownership is always mutual (for me). I wrote this back in November of 2016, and it’s still true today.

What are YOUR thoughts?

As an s-type, is your D-type YOURS? Or do you shy away from that sort of roundabout claiming?

As a D-type, how do you/would you feel about your s-type using “MY” to claim you/note their association with you?

Am I full of caca? LOL! Let me know.

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