Stop creating the wrong you.

Stop creating the wrong you.

Many of us have this fear, deep down inside. That we are bad people. Unlovable. Unwanted. Maybe crazy or mean.

This fear is created and fed by every negative remark that has ever been said to us. They gather in that deep dark place, adding to our fears.

And that fear is strong.

Partially because it is allowed to grow unopposed.

After all, one mean word gets stored forever, while we can’t remember the hundred compliments that we’ve been given to offset it.

And what does fear do with that strength? It lashes out.

And when we lash out in fear, we actually feed that fear, because we all know that “actions speak louder than words,” and that “who you are is what you do.”

And both of those things are true.

But they are not ALL true.

Because who you are (including your fears) shapes what you do, and what you do then shapes who you are (including your fears).

But they are not the same thing.

And because they are not the same thing, you have a choice.

Stop creating the wrong you.

Stop trying to prove to yourself that you really are all that you fear, and instead do good things. Lots of good things. Over and over.

Because one act will not undo all the bad or all of the fear, but a hundred acts, or a thousand, or ten thousand…that makes you who you are.

So, even if you are that person you’re afraid of being, deep down, you can be someone changing in one hundred acts of good. And someone else entirely in a thousand acts of good.

It’s a simple but not easy two steps:

  1. Stop creating the wrong you.
  2. Commit to and create the right you.

What are your thoughts?

What does “stop creating the wrong you” mean to you? Is it something you can do? Or have done in the past?

Perhaps there are some areas where you’re more likely to need to put in conscious effort than others.

What does “commit to and create the right you” mean to you? Is it something you can do? Or have done in the past?

Or, perhaps you think I’m talking out of my ass? smiles

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