Lesson Bonuses—Add To Your Pleasure With Dirty Talk, Toys, And More!

Lesson Bonuses—Add To Your Pleasure With Dirty Talk, Toys, And More!

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(I know—I’m gonna keep saying this, LOL!)

In this lesson, we are exploring different types of toys and anal play and dirty talk.

NONE of this should hurt.

Not physically.

Not emotionally.

Make sure you are using plenty (more than you think!) of lube when doing the butt stuffing stuff.

Make sure you talk about (negotiate) what is/is not ok in dirty talking and avoid limits and triggers that might hurt each other and bring your fun to a crashing halt.

And if something hurts, say so if you’re partnered.

And stop.

It’s that simple.

Remember: If you continue to experience pain—mental or physical—you definitely should stop what you’re doing at the very least, and/or get checked out by a medical professional before continuing, as there is something potentially very wrong.

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