Learn To Love Anal: Butt Plugs Insertion & Wearing, Lesson 7

Learn To Love Anal: Butt Plugs Insertion & Wearing, Lesson 7

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In this step, we are learning about the different types of butt plugs and how to use them for pleasure and training your anus.

Butt plugs are naturally a bit larger at the widest than other toys, so if you do feel pain, just like with other wider insertions, pause and let the anus get used to the stretch. It should fade relatively quickly, and you may proceed with caution.

Also, for those plugs used for training the anus for size and relaxation, the neck of the plug may be too wide for your currently comfort level if the pain does not go away, so try going down a size.

Make sure you are using plenty (more than you think!) of lube.

There may some pain if lube starts to fail. If this happens, add more lube. Plenty of lube helps, so skin won’t catch or chafe.

Remember: If you continue to experience pain, you definitely should stop what you’re doing at the very least, and/or get checked out by a medical professional before continuing, as there is something potentially very wrong.

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