Red Flags, Green Flags: A Kinky Dating Debate

Red Flags, Green Flags: A Kinky Dating Debate

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It’s been a debate as long as time – when you are out there in the dating landscape, are you more attuned to things that turn you off or things that turn you on?

We have two guests who duke it out for YOU.

First, let’s introduce the challenger – from the east coast of the good old USofA, wearing the green flag trunks, how about a hand for @R1HZ, the evil scourge of FetLife!

And, our returning champion, from the corn-fed plains of the heartland, where they grow kinksters strong and true, wearing the red flag trunks, please welcome @MsBossyButterfly!

And as our scrappy referee with more than a few dogs in this fight (Hey! I didn’t promise I’d be impartial!), @NookieNotes will be moderating and keeping these two in line.

And to you out there, my fellow Dating Kinky brethren, I hope you will join us for this no energetic debate on what to watch for—to pursue, or to avoid.

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A horse trainer, dog trainer, and mental health professional passionate about kink.


Humanist, Top, Sexual Sadist, Athletic Kinkster. Love the journey/adventure of mutual discovery, especially the kinky sexual type. Opposed to identity politics. Health and wellness activist.

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