Some people are shitty people…

Some people are shitty people…

…and some people find themselves in shitty situations, behaving shittily towards others, but they aren’t really shitty people.

(I’m pretty sure YOU have been there. So have I. Maybe you’re a shitty person. I’m betting you’re not. Neither am I.)

The thing is, though, to the people getting the shit end of the stick, it really doesn’t matter much if they are getting it because you want them to have it, or if they are getting it because that’s all you had to offer them right that moment.

They still get the shit end of the stick.

But it DOES matter to you.

And if you are being shitty to someone (or a bunch of someones), but you don’t think you are a shitty human, well, then, maybe it’s time to find out what situation is making you act that way, and remove it from your life, or find a way to minimize it’s impact on others and on you.

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