Because I Said So! Vol 2

Because I Said So! Vol 2

Because I Said So, Volume 2 cover

And, Finally

As the emo poet of a generation, Jim Morrison, once said, “This is the end…”

sad face

I’ve had a wonderful time sharing these thoughts with you, and collecting these writings into this book for you. I hope that you enjoyed reading, and possibly thinking a bit differently about what feminine dominance can mean in your life and relationships.

Most of all, of course, I wish you all of the best in living an amazing life of women-in-charge.

As I try to figure out how to say goodbye to you, even though I don’t know YOU, personally, really, you matter to me, because you read my book. And I relate to you, because I, like you, love to learn about kink and how it can connect me with amazing people.

And, so I’ll invite you to connect with me.

There are lots of ways to do it. I try to make it easy. Here are a few:


Our Podcast

On DK’s Facebook page

On Facebook through Whips Chains & Duct Tape, the BEST educational kinky/BDSM page on FB (I’m an administrator there).

On FetLife

In FetLife’s Dating Kinky Group

On YouTube

On Instagram

On Twitter

If you have questions, reach out. Comments or ideas? Reach out. If you just want to say hello, or tell me how amazing this book is, please do reach out.

And, of course, if you’re kinky or kink-curious and you’re looking to date, meet kinky friends, and connect, please do join Dating Kinky. We’d love to have you.

Thank you for joining me for this book,

Photo of Nookie: smiling woman with red and purple hair.

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