Because I Said So! Vol 2

Because I Said So! Vol 2

Because I Said So, Volume 2 cover

The New Master

I’m waiting in the living room when you return from work. As you close the door behind you, you feel something in the air. Something different. Something charged.

The place is totally silent except for a faint noise. It tickles the back of your brain. It’s familiar. And comforting. A sound you know well and love.

Your cock twitches. It knows this sound. It means pleasure.

You walk in, seeking out this muffled moaning and wet sucking noise. As you meet my stare, it all clicks. Of course you know this sound.

I’m smiling at you from the couch, sitting next to a large, attractive man, clad only in a pair of well- worn jeans. There’s a gleam in my eyes you’ve seen before and a huge, glistening cock in my hand, sticking up out of his open fly.

I’m wearing only a lacy bra and panty set with a pair of stilettos on my feet.

You stop in your tracks, taking time to register the display in front of you. You try to take it all in, when it hits you just how large this man is. He dwarfs the furniture, making it look like it’s made for children, and you guess he must be at least six and a half feet and built like a boxer.

But it’s more than his size. There is something you can’t put your finger on. An energy, a sense of…

You’re unsure, and your gaze flickers back to mine, and I read the question in your eyes.

I smile widely and wickedly and hold your gaze as I lean down and lick the tip of his cock. You can see my tongue wrap around the swollen flesh, and my lips stretch around the gigantic head for a moment.

I moan softly, wildly.

Your stomach turns to knots as you watch me take the massive head into my mouth. You’re frozen, aroused and terrified by the site of me suck- ing another man’s cock, right here, in your living room.

You’re a jumble of feelings and you don’t know how to approach this unknown male.

His eyes are calm.

In any other situation, you might even call them kind, but there’s something there, deep. Something you can’t really make out, because you can’t bring yourself to look him in the eyes for very long.

Your eyes keep returning to mine, by way of his muscular chest.

I’m smiling at you, from just above the huge cock held tight in my hand. My eyes flicker down to his impressive member, then back up to yours, with a knowing look and a question for you.

Your eyes follow mine to the beautiful wet cock in my hand.

Precum forces its way suddenly out, and your flaccid cock stirs, but does not rise. This huge man has you so off-balance that your cock is stay- ing exactly as it is. Almost afraid to rise and possibly cause offense.

Your eyes meet mine, and you can sense my amusement and excitement. The invitation is evident.

You look again at his beautiful cock and feel drawn towards it.

You let your bag drop to the floor and start slowly towards me, almost as if you’re in a trance. Your eyes flicker up to his, but immediately back to mine, seeking comfort and home.

As you reach me, you drop to your knees, your face close to mine, still gazing deep into my eyes. I can hear your labored breathing. Your eyes are dilated, and you’re shaking. Your nose is mere inches from mine, and your eyes are locked on mine.

I smile and push the head nearer your mouth.

I lick my lips and watch.

You think to yourself, “What am I doing? Why am I on my knees in front of my lover with a massive cock inches from my mouth? Who is this man, and why do I feel the need to please him, instead of screaming for them to get out of my home? Is it her that I’m wanting to please? Is it that something I can’t quite put my finger on…”

Ignoring the voice in your head, you slide the tip of his cock into your mouth, watching the smile grow in my eyes.

Oh, fuck. How I love watching you suck a cock!

Your eyes close, as if you don’t want to see what you’re doing, and I gently tap your forehead to get you to open them again, and look into mine.

You see my smiling eyes pour my pride and adoration into you as my free hand runs tenderly through your hair.

I glance up at my friend, your new Sir, and you can see my smile grow on my face and some sort of communication pass between us. His hips shift and push his cock just the tiniest bit deeper in your mouth.

Suddenly, it dawns on you that you’ve just given yourself to both of us to use as we see fit. Your eyes widen at the knowledge and my hand in your hair presses you down.

I croon to you, “That’s my good Pet. Suck that huge cock. Please it. Feel it in your mouth. Taste it. Love that cock for me.”

At the sound of my voice, you feel an overwhelming desire to please. You turn all of your attention to this massive cock, forcing it deeper into your small, untrained mouth. You love this cock at this moment. You want this cock inside you. You want to please.

My hand in your hair tightens, and lifts your face up, my mouth covering your lips and my tongue replacing his cock in your mouth.

You feel like you’re melting, and your heart swells with the desire, the need to please. The kiss is deep and wanton, the two of us sharing the taste of this man’s cock grounds you and opens up your passion before I break away and push your head back down.

I’m so pleased with you. Everything about you is so perfect, my Pet. You have the true soul of a perfect boy, and I could not adore you more at this moment or any other.

Looking up at Sir, I see him smiling. I told him you’d be a good boy for me and for him. Of course, he believed me, but it’s one thing to believe, and it’s another to experience.

One of his giant hands join mine on your head, touching me, touching you at the same time. The other hand wraps in my hair, pulling me up to him into a kiss, then presses my head down to rest on his bare chest as we both watch you.

You glance up from your task to see us watching you. You feel deep down inside that you are desired and owned. That you will do anything to please us both.

My voice pulls you from your thoughts for a moment, as I move my hand from sliding up and down his shaft. “Put your hands on Sir, Pet. Pleasure his cock the best way you know how. Do it for me, my dear.”

You make love to this perfect cock with your mouth and hands. Comparing your own average tool to this primeval monster, you feel your sense of manhood shattered by this very real, very primal male you are worshipping.

All of these feelings for this man flowing through your head, and he has yet to say a single word.

As you worship his thick member, you see me get up off the couch, and you wonder what I’m doing.

You feel my hands on your shoulders, and I lean down and say in your ear, “Keep going, Pet. You are so good. I love watching you please.”

You wrap your hands tighter around his phallus, and you’re amazed at its size; easily ten inches long, and as thick as your wrist. That you’ve even fit part of it into your mouth seems like a miracle.

Yet, you nod yes to me, wanting nothing more in this moment than to please me. And him.

My soft words encourage you and my hands assure you as you pleasure your new Sir.

I kneel down behind you, my chest pressed against your back. You can feel my nipples through the lace of my bra. My left arm wraps around you, like an embrace. My right hand plays with your hair as I continue to encourage you in a soft voice, alternately biting your neck and shoulders from behind.

“That’s right, my Pet. Suck that cock. Be a good little bitch for me and for Sir. Show that cock all that you have to offer. I know what your tongue can do. Such a good boy for me…”

The words continue for you, always pushing you to do your best. To serve. For me. For Sir.

Your body shivers below me with each bite. It sends waves through his shaft. You take it as far down as you as you can, trying hard to please. You hold it deep as tears start to form. You start to gag and cough around the thick head.

“Ahhh, such a good boy, wonderful Pet!” I sigh into your ear. “That’s it. That’s just right.”

You can hear the smile in my voice, and feel the cock in your mouth jerking, when suddenly a large hand reaches out to take that amazing shaft away from you and put it away, tucking it back into his jeans.

Just as you’re about to ask a question, I say, “Undress for me.”

It takes a moment to register. You blink slowly a couple of times. You’re still caught up in your task, the scent of alpha male and taste of hard cock in your mouth, but you shake your head to clear those things away and stand.

As you start undressing, you wonder about your fate.

You look at me, thinking how beautiful my face is, my eyes gazing into yours. You want to do everything for me.

You look at Sir. You look at his muscular body, size and air of confidence and command, and you realize that you are not his equal. And you feel no need to try to be.

And that is natural.

I watch you undress slowly and methodically, neatly folding and stacking your clothing on the floor.

You continue to undress, until you’re standing before us naked.


My eyes roam your body, enjoying what is mine, noting the slippery wetness seeping from your cock already. I look up at Sir, and see him looking down at me. He smiles.

I say, “It’s time for an inspection, Pet. Hands on your head, and feet apart, so I can inspect you.”


You stand before me, shivering with nervousness and excitement. Sir is standing next to you, towering over you. You’re feeling small, exposed and vulnerable.

I look at you, and I marvel at how easy it is for you to obey me. How natural.

Sir steps back from you, allowing me the space and time with you I need to connect. I walk around you, noting every detail, smiling and humming to myself as I think of what I plan for you.

I see your eyes half-close and your nostrils flare. You’ve caught my scent. Your mind and body re- act to it. I know what the smell of me does to you. How wild it drives you.

Any other moment, and you might break your control and dive into me, but this moment, you stay still, waiting.

I seem to be all that you can smell right now. You can tell that I’m aroused and that can mean anything. Sweet, slow sex or raging, ripping, animal biting and clawing. Add this giant of a man into the mix, and your mind goes mad.

You shudder.

You can hear me laugh under my breath.

I smile, looking at the two of you, side-by-side. The comparison is impossible to avoid. He stands 9 inches taller than you in his bare feet, and his shoulders are twice as wide. Standing next to you in just a pair of jeans, he is imposing.

He’s looking at you with casual interest, and stands a few feet away to watch, as he and I agreed.

Your focus is on me and nothing else. You know where your loyalty lies, with me, your Queen.

My chilly finger presses softly at the hollow of your throat, then trails down your chest, stopping just before touching your cock.

Your desire to please me is overwhelming right now. Every touch sends a shock wave through you.

My hands spread across your chest, feeling you, pressing into you. You know that I want you to stay exactly where you are, so you push back slightly, to maintain your balance, keeping your eyes locked onto mine.

I look deep into your soul, and you feel like you want to drown in me. With a hitch in your breath, you stand your ground, waiting… hoping to serve.

I slide my hands up over your shoulders and down your arms, squeezing your biceps and forearms, testing their strength as I touch them, sending fiery threads of sensation through your body.

My fingers slide across your palms, wrap around your hands, and gently entwine with your fingers for a moment, before I move on. You twitch, wanting to clutch at me as my hands drift away.

You crave my contact every moment that my hands leave you. A simple touch with a finger and you’re mine to do with as I please.

I reach out to cup your cock and balls. You’re still leaking for me, and the head spurts lovely precum as I sink my nails into your scrotum.

Oh! Those nails! A shiver runs through your body on a laser beam of piercing, enjoyable pain.

I release you and it dissipates quickly, leaving you both relieved and wanting more.

I smile before walking around behind you. I run my hands over your shoulders and down your back.

You close your eyes to focus on the feel of my skin on yours.

My fingernails trail lightly down to your lower back. You hear the click of my heel as I take a step forward to press against you.

You start slightly when you feel my hot breath on the back of your neck, and let out a long moan when my teeth grip you tightly. My hot, wet mouth clamps on you, claiming you as mine, and utterly submissive to me. I feel your body tense for an instant, then relax into the pleasure and pain of it.

The sudden piercing bite has sharpened your mental focus. In that moment, my mouth owns you completely and enforces my dominance. You give in and realize how wonderful it feels and how easy it is to just go along.

My hands grab your ass, sinking my nails in deeply, while my teeth maintain their hold on your neck. I feel the remaining resistance in you fade away. You are now malleable and fully in-the-moment.

You cling to every soft touch and painful sting that I give you.

Your breathing has changed, and I know, were I to look in your eyes, that I would see nothing now but your adoration and your desire to please.

You feel, deep inside yourself that you want to live for me and me alone for the rest of your life. You crave my touch. You need it. You want all

of me, and you need me to have all of you. Your mind screams, “Take me!” while you stand meekly for your inspection.

I step back, running my hands over your ass. En- joying the soft hairs and the play of flesh over muscle. I raise one hand to your upper back and press, and you fold over. You grip your ankles with your hands, exposing yourself to me.

Your mind starts to race at this utter exposure and your heartbeat quickens.

I run a finger along your ass crack, from your taint to your lower back, tickling your greedy starfish along the way. I feel your body tense slightly as you struggle not to squirm, to push back onto me.

Flashes of scenes past rush through your head. The pleasure my fingers can bring you. Your body heats with a deep yearning.

I smile to myself at your struggle.

I love how you keep yourself so clean for me at all times. I can smell the scent of you. The clean maleness of you. I breathe deeply and sigh happily. Just for fun, I let some spit slide from my lips onto that puckered hole, and rub it in with my fingertip.

A groan escapes from your lips as you feel me toying with your ass. You automatically push back, inviting me to enter you, and you’re a little surprised that you feel so eager and so slutty.

I press lightly, and feel you open up to me. I love how responsive your body is to my attentions. So fucking sexy.

I slip into your ass just the tiniest bit, barely more than a centimeter, and I hear you groan. That makes my smile grow wide. Indeed, tonight will be a lovely evening.

You arch your back, craving more. You whimper in a way that can only be interpreted as begging.

You want more of me inside you, exploring you. The feeling of me violating you this way, the pow- er of it, feeds your submission even more, making you need to give yourself over to me.

I press in deeper, opening you up, feeling you take me in, accept me as part of you. A shuddering wave ripples through you as you feel I am truly taking you and all that you have to offer.

It’s so powerful to me, for you to give of yourself like this. I am so taken with you. I smile at your body’s reaction to me, your need and your sluttiness. All for me. Mine.

Your need for me to use you any way I desire burns strong within you. Your body is moving against me and giving it all away.

Beside you, you hear Sir say, “May I?” and you hear my murmured assent. You’re startled, because you’d gotten so wrapped up in the moment, you’d forgotten Sir standing behind you, watch- ing.

He says, “Open up,” and you hear the wet noises of me sucking.

Then, my finger slips out of your ass, and you feel a larger pressure. His finger, nearly twice the size of mine, demands entrance.

“Are you going to be a good boy, and take it, my Pet?” I ask.

You push back greedily on his large digit, proving you are a good boy, and an eager pet, your body shaking with the realization of this man taking that control from you, being allowed possession and use of your body by me.

I love watching you push back on Sir’s huge forefinger, like the greedy little boy you are. I love that you’re taking him into that most intimate hole for me and for you. Such a wonderful, sweet, good boy.

You take part of his finger and love how it stretches you and fills you. Your hips move involuntarily, trying to get more. More finger, more movement, more pleasure. You’ve lost all control, and you’re simply a pleasure pet, to fill our needs.

“He’s eager,” you hear Sir say.

“Yes, very,” I reply. “I told you. But, be good. He’s mine, and you’re not allowed to break him.” You hear the smile in my voice and you feel a rush of adoration for me, knowing I’m there to keep you safe, always.

He chuckles as he begins to fuck you hard with his finger.

“I’ll be careful,” you hear. “But it seems like he likes it.” You hear me laugh.

The sudden movement and hard finger fucking have you moaning and pressing back onto his hand, betraying your slutty nature.

I love seeing you wiggle in pleasure. I get lost in the sight for a while, just watching your body react to this second master.

I give Sir a signal, and he slows down and pulls his finger out, stepping back. Your greedy little ass seems to be so lonely. I smack it lightly, affectionately, before pressing gently on your tailbone. You sink gracefully to your knees on the hard wood floor, hands on your thighs, chest up, shoulders back, and head straight forward.

You feel a bit sad, with your ass wanting more penetration, but you obey my command and rest in position for me.

I walk around to stand just in front of you, and pat my hip with one hand. You rise up slightly, wrap your arms around my thighs, and nuzzle your face into my crotch, inhaling deeply. I slide my fingers through your hair, raking my nails lightly along your scalp, and press you into me.

Mmmm. You love when I hold you and connect with you, grounding your needs and desires into me, keeping you engaged with me. You can’t get enough of me, of my scent. You nuzzle your nose into my panties instinctively, and try desperately to taste me.

The fabric in your way thwarts your attempts, but it makes me smile. I love to stand like this with you. I could enjoy this closeness with my treasured Pet for hours, but I have other plans for this evening, and Sir would probably get a bit bored.

After a few minutes of you taking me in and centering yourself, I lightly tap your head, and you sit back.

You’re calmed, now, but shaking a bit, wondering what your future now holds. You sit, waiting and wanting.

“He is good. Is he ready?” you hear Sir say from behind you.

“Yes, he’s been ready. I’ve run him through these fantasies so many times, he probably dreams them,” I reply.

“Well, OK then,” Sir says, “What are we waiting for?”

Your mind focuses suddenly on that exchange, and all of the fantasies we’ve discussed start running through your head, all the deep, perverse late night talks we’ve had. Your body starts to shake violently.

I see your eyes half close and your body shudders at the words. I smile and click my tongue and you look at me.

I look deep into your eyes, and you start to feel calm. Your shaking lessons and your heart swells with adoration as I hold your gaze.

You feel a massive hand slip your collar around your throat. And buckle it. And take up your handle and hold it firmly.

All the while, I pour affection from my eyes, and I say, “You are perfect, my Pet. Now let’s get started.”


Excitement and panic crash through you, and you focus on my eyes to keep yourself still and to contain your emotions.

Sir says, “Are you ready to be a good boy for me today? Don’t speak. Just use your body to communicate.”

You tilt your head up to look at the man who has just declared in no uncertain terms that there

is just one true man here, and you are just a pet. Before you really understand what you’re doing, your ass begins to wiggle from side to side, and your head nods a slight yes. You’ve just given control of yourself to Sir.

I watch as your entire demeanor goes into silly sweet puppy mode. It’s so cute. I’m not quite sure what Sir has in mind right now, but I’m present to watch and play along. I’m pretty sure it will be interesting, at the very least.

As you wait for a command, you concentrate on the scent of the large man behind you. You’re not quite sure what to make of it as you sit patiently.

A twitch of your lead has you lining up on Sir’s left side, like a good puppy. That’s when you notice the large red dog bed next to the end of the couch.

As you sit back again at Sir’s side, waiting to obey his next command, you wonder, briefly what it will be, then give up trying to figure it out. “What is the bed for?” you wonder.

As soon as Sir takes a step, your handle is tugged, and you’re immediately scrambling to move with him towards the dog bed. Just a few steps, and you on your hands and knees, and you’re there. A snap of those huge fingers and he points at the bed.

Your attention is required and the order is given. You know how a dog uses his bed. You crawl to it on hands and knees.

“Should I lay down and curl up like a dog?” you think to yourself. Not wanting to disappoint, you lay down, curling up into the fetal position to stay within the confines of the bed. You’ve never done this for anyone before, much less a man. “What has become of me?” you wonder.

“Good boy. Stay. I’m going to do some very sexy things to this Lady of yours, and you are going to watch like a good little dog.”

Your stomach suddenly roils and knots up. Your Lady. Yours. He is going to…

You watch him walk towards me, jealousy wracking you, but you stay still. You know your place.

I’m sitting on the couch, still wearing my stilettos and my lingerie. Watching him put you in your place and walk back towards me is strangely ex- citing. He towers over me.

As you watch us, you think how small I look compared to this man. His bulging muscles enforce his air of power with size. You think how I have never looked more beautiful to you, positioned below him, and worry gnaws at your gut for me.

Sir’s eyes are intense as they look at me, and I know that you can recognize the posture of hunter sighting prey in his body, as he stands above me.

A slow smile spreads across my face. I accept the challenge.

You see my lips twitch, as they do when I’m thinking a particularly wicked thought. And my smile broadens, and shows teeth. My own predator’s smile.

You shake all over as you read my familiar body language easily. Your cock drips and you can’t look away from this powerful mating ritual.

I lift my right hand and cock my finger at this huge man, this Sir. “Come here, and let’s give my Pet a show.”

For the first time ever, you’re going to watch another man take me. Conflicting emotions, jealousy and excitement race through you, battling for supremacy.

Faster than I would have thought possible, he lunges and scoops me up, pulling me halfway off the couch to his mouth.

His kiss is like an attack, all heat and strength and barely restrained violence. An eruption of animal passion explodes in front of you, that you can only sit and witness.

As his lips cover mine, and his tongue forces it’s way into my mouth, my arms wrap up and around, across his shoulders and onto his head, my fingernails pressing in deep, to hold me onto him.

I growl low in my throat as our tongues duel against each other for primacy, teeth scraping, his arms tightening, almost cutting off my air supply.

I use my arms and legs to wrap myself around him, hunched over me. I try to pull him down, but of course, I have no leverage.

You can feel your heart pounding as if to escape your chest as you watch the battle. You’re watching this man handle me as you never could, you just don’t have the physical size for it.

He’ll win if I fight for what I want on purely physical levels. I know this. I have no chance. So, I let go. I go limp. I’m bent backwards in his arms, draped across him, open to him, waiting to see what he’ll do with me.

He’s startled for a moment as my mouth leaves his, then he snarls. You can see his nostrils flare as he leans over me, taking in my scent. My ear, my neck, moving down my body.

Your body and mind seem to settle into calm, now that the heat of battle has subsided. You focus on us, and the story unfolding in front of you.

He slowly lowers me back to the couch, his hands running along every inch of my body, as he tests my scent. I wait, enjoying this primal, erotic behavior, watching to see what will happen next, and his nose traces my nipple.

He explores my body as you watch.

“Mine!” your mind howls. The body, the curves that you know so well, the scent that sends you flying over the edge every time. Is now all in his hands.

My nipple tightens up with him over me, and I arch my back slightly, pressing forward.

His hand covers my other breast, his huge thumb and forefinger rolling the nipple, just hard enough to make me gasp.

Hearing that familiar sound of arousal sends your excitement levels soaring.

I can see you out of the corner of my eyes, stirring on your bed, even sitting up slightly to get a better view.

He continues moving down my body, his nose leading the way. His teeth nip at my belly, making me gasp and moan.

His hands have slid down my side to my hips, grabbing them tightly, and scooting me down on the couch, so that my legs are spread, and my ass is on the corner of the cushion, exposing me even more.

You’re feeling restless and confined by the boundaries of the dog bed around you. You’re used to having a lot of leeway with me, to roam and explore where your passions take you, and you’re getting impatient.

You know your place. You stay on your doggie bed, just turning and sitting up to see better. You don’t want to disappoint me, tonight. You don’t want to disappoint Sir.

Sir’s sunk to his knees, to bring himself closer to my body, and the sight of his immense body between my legs is driving you wild.

Everything about the scene in front of you is captivating, and you can’t look away. You try to catch my eyes, but they are focused downward on Sir.

Closer and closer he moves, until his nose hovers just over my panties. There’s something on his face that you can see. Something you recognize in yourself. Something that is missing in you right now in your state of utter submission. The beast.

The predator.

That look on his face, with his body crouched hungrily between my legs is a scene so hot that your hips are moving and grinding against the fabric of your bed as you sit.

Sir inhales deeply. You know what he scents. You were there, not long ago, but it’s hard to under- stand the passage of time right now. He inhales the scent of your woman, and you see his body react.

He presses his face deep into my crotch, inhaling loudly enough for you to hear it, and turns and looks at you, his eyes boring into yours, as he looks over my leg.

You know what he’s experiencing in that position, with that scent, and the realization hits you. The scent you had always considered yours is no longer. You resign yourself to sharing me with this dominant beast, and taking what you’re allowed.

His mouth covers my panties, and his eyes close. His tongue wets the fabric through, making me squirm under him.

I hear a soft whimper from your direction. I turn my head slightly to see you watching the scene with a fervency I don’t think I’ve ever seen in you before. You’re coiled like a spring, watching and waiting for something to do.

His hands move on my hips and flip me over, and he presses his face into my ass, scenting me deep- ly.

His fingers are sunk deeply into my flesh, as I kneel on the couch on all fours.

As you watch, you bring your hand to your nose. An inhale brings you the remnants of my scent, leftover from lovemaking that morning. Memories flood and overlap the display in front of you, and you sigh softly.

He stands up and leans over, whispering something in my ear. I nod. His hands run over my ass possessively.

You love me in that position, exposed on the couch like that, but his massive body there as well sends chills through you, as you try to anticipate what might happen.

He glances back over at you, and smiles, with bared teeth.

His fingers slide my panties over into my ass crack, baring my flesh to him.

His fingers trail up and down, over the bunched up fabric, making me squirm.

Seeing my body move in arousal makes your cock spurt some precum onto your pillow, but you barely notice, as wrapped up as you are in the scene before you.

Then he pulls the fabric of my panties aside completely, running his finger up and down the valley of my flesh.

I’m rocking forward and back as he touches me.

You watch me intently for all the signs of my arousal, and you see me ready and awaiting his touches, letting my body and my reactions be led by his hands.

I bite my lip and smile, enjoying the sensation of this large man playing with me, and I try to imagine what’s going through your head right now.

You can see his fingers reaching down between my legs. Sliding down my soaked lips to find the right spot. When I gasp, you know he’s reached it.

Your bed is so confining, as you stretch, trying to see all that’s happening. The reality that I’m about to be taken by this beast is sinking in, and you’re getting excited at the idea.

My juices have trickled down over my clit, and he rubs gently, making my hips wiggle and buck against him, and my breath come in gasps.

A rush of precum oozes from your cock at the familiar sounds of my pleasure.

His other hand rests on my lower back, pressing me into place so I don’t buck away, and his eyes catch yours.

You feel him looking at you, and you know that your eyes are wild with desire and need. You glance down, averting your eyes from his gaze. You don’t want to challenge this man.

“Watch me, little pup.” You hear Sir growl.

Your heart pounds violently in your chest upon hearing this. You look up and see his strong arm still pinning me down.

Your eyes are caught by the view of his muscular ass in those jeans and it seems to be calling you. You want to crawl over and sniff it, to know the scent of your new master. Quickly, you look back up to him, then down to his hand fondling me.

“Good boy.”

His praise causes another rush of precum, and you wonder again, “What’s happening to me?”

He keeps his eyes locked on yours as his fingers work on me, and you dare not look away now.

He stares you down. Making it clear that he is giving me pleasure while you stay like a good boy on your doggie bed in your collar and lead.

He holds your gaze, his eyes full of domination, control, ownership, challenge, and pride as I cum for him in front of you, growling out my pleasure, my hips bucking for him.

You feel him reinforcing your place with that stare. Your place as a dog, as a pup in this, your new pack.

Your body trembles in reaction to the sounds of my pleasure. You want to look at me, to search for my eyes, but you continue doing as you’re told and watching.

He smiles at you. He can see how your body is reacting to my noises. His hand moves, sliding along my slit, and I feel him press a finger into me.

I sigh as his huge finger begins to explore me, the rest of his hand sliding back and forth across my sensitized clit.

You remember the feeling of one of his massive fingers sliding in and out of your ass, and you long for that now as you watch.

He seems to find the right spot quickly, sliding in and out of me. I push back onto him, moving in time, his hand still casually resting on my back, grounding me.

I’m writhing now, working up to another orgasm, when he slides a second finger into me, stretching me out, filling me.

You don’t know when, but at some point you sat up from your heels, and you’re kneeling on all fours on your dog bed, your cock hanging between your legs with a constant drip of precum.

His smile has gotten wider now, as he watches your face, seeing him make me cum for him like this.

Two fingers push me over the edge, and I spasm again, shuddering and shaking and moaning. You know those sounds and how they feel on you, and you can’t help but make the comparison when you see him bring them out of me.

Your hips are bucking uselessly against the air as you realize he’s able to make me cum as easily as you do. You’re not sure how you feel about that, but you can’t help but get excited by the view. You look over and see his massive cock pressing against the front of his jeans. You look down at your own cock, uselessly hanging there, and realize there is no comparison.

That is a real man’s cock.

He keeps at me, bringing me another round of moaning and shaking before he withdraws his fingers, and whispers again in my ear.

I stay in my position on the couch as he walks over to you, and holds out his hand, “Sniff it.”

You lean forward and inhale, recognizing my scent. You want it. You need it. This is the scent that drives you, your reason for being, smeared all over this unknown man.

I’m watching your interaction from my place on the couch. It really is like the huge man is letting a nervous dog sniff his hand to get his scent. I watch, enthralled.

He lets you sniff the back and front of his large hand, then says, “Good boy. Lick it clean.”

You start slowly licking your new master’s hand, but the taste and scent overwhelm you and you quickly lap up all that you can find.

Watching you lick his hand like a faithful hound is extremely hot for me. I smile, loving the image of these two men I adore together.

I say, just loud enough for you to hear, “You are such a good boy, my Pet.”

Your ass wiggles faster as you slide your tongue between his fingers, desperate to find more of my taste on him.

His other hand ruffles your hair, to let you know you’ve been a good dog, then he steps away, say- ing, “Stay.”

You sigh as he walks away from you. You sit back on your heels, your hair mussed, and you feel lonely.

Stepping back towards me, he looks at my ass and rubs his hands over it.

Grabbing my panties in both hands, he simply rips them off, exposing me completely to him, causing you to let out an involuntary whine.

He presses the front of his jeans against me, the thick outline of his cock pointing up to his waistband.

His eyes half close, and his nostrils flare as he pulls me back against the fabric.

You raise up off your heels somewhat as you watch intently.

He steps back from me, just slightly, and turns towards you. “Pet, come.”

You quickly leap to all fours and crawl over.

You stop and sit back on your heels right in front of him.

He looks down at you, and says, “Take me back out of my jeans, pup.”

Your hands shake as you raise them to the top button of his jeans, and you try to work your fingers to unfasten it.

You don’t move quite fast enough. He reaches for the back of your head and smashes your face into his crotch.

He rubs himself against you there, and all you can smell is his maleness and feel the pressure of that giant member pressing against your check through the denim.

He releases you after a few moments to continue.

You catch your breath, his scent still overpowering your nose. The strange scent of him is intoxicating and a little disorienting.

A growl starts to form in his throat. You’d better hurry!

You manage to get his button unfastened and you see his cock twitch out of the corner of your eye.

You quickly unzip his jeans and start to pull them down over his thick legs. His cock leaps from it’s confinement and startles you, brushing your face.

You bend down to the floor, pulling the jeans with you. He steps out of his pants, paying no mind to your brush with his cock. You slide his jeans out of the way.

“Get it wet for me, little pup,” Sir commands.

You take his cock into your mouth. This time, it feels easier to fit, it sliding deeper than it had before in just one stroke.

You suck it, hungrily, wanting it, needing it so badly. All of your focus is on this cock in your mouth and giving it pleasure. A drip of precum slides across your tongue, and you moan, sucking even more eagerly.

I’m following the scene intently, loving this play going on without me. I can just watch over my shoulder from all fours.

You suck hungrily at his cock, using your mouth and tongue to thoroughly soak it, as he asked.

“Pet,” I say, “I know you can do better than that. I know you want to. Do it for me.”

Upon hearing my voice, you slide your face even further down his cock, taking it into your throat and gagging loudly. You pull back, coughing, your lips still connected to him by a long trail of drool. Your face is on fire from the effort.

“Yessssss. That’s my good Pet. Thank you. You are such a good boy for me.”

You shove that cock back down your throat, deeper. You hold it there, gagging around it’s thickness, but you still keep it there as long as you can, trying to make me happy.

I see Sir’s face split into a wide grin as he turns to look at me. I know what he’s thinking, and I’m so damn proud of you right now, I could burst.

You finally pull back, sputtering, with tears rolling from your eyes. Wetness drips heavily from him and you fight to catch your breath.

His hand lands gently on your head, drawing you away from his dripping member. Strings of saliva have fallen to coat your cock and legs.

You lick your lips hungrily, still wanting more.

“Go to your place, Pet, and watch,” he says.

You crawl back over to your place, and turn around, sitting on your haunches.

He turns back to me and plants himself between my legs. His hands are on my hips, and his gigantic cock is nuzzling at my cunt.

He pushes forward with just a slight pressure, and I can feel your cooling drool coating his cock head, mixing with my juices.

Your nostrils flare as you watch, trying to catch all of the scents in the room.

A little more force, and he’s starting to press into me, stretching me as he enters. I gasp and moan, feeling the largest cock I have ever taken fit itself into me.

You’re straining to get a better look, and you whimper loudly.

It’s filling me, touching every wall as he slides inside, bit by bit.

You search for my eyes, and you can’t catch them. I’m too lost in the feeling of being filled and stretched, crying slightly and breathing heavily.

Your concern for me is growing. You want to be near me. You’re restive and rocking back and forth as you watch.

Sir barks, “Pup, get up on the couch and see to your Mistress.”

A feeling of gratitude fills you as you clamber up onto the couch to look into my eyes.

You can see a tear on my lashes, and my smile trembles. The affection shines in my eyes, and the pleasure.

“Kiss me, Pet.”

You kiss me tenderly and passionately. A kiss full of adoration and connection. You can feel my excitement, and you’re sharing yours with me.

As you kiss me, you feel me gasp into your mouth as he drives the rest of his cock into me.

You greedily swallow my gasp, and reach up to run your hand through my hair, so proud, so grateful that you are allowed to be here for me the first time I’m with Sir.

“That’s a good pup,” Sir says. “Now hold on to her tight.”

Your other arm wraps around me as you slide beneath me. You kiss my lips and my shoulders. You put your face into my neck, grounding yourself through me, and I press my face into your hair.

Just that movement, that filling, and you being there with me overwhelms me. I cum hard on his cock, moaning into your mouth, shuddering and shaking under your hands and his.

He slowly starts pulling back out, and pressing back in, building a rhythm as my cunt stretches to take him, and our juices, mine and yours, lubricate his fucking.

You hold tightly, clinging to me, offering and taking comfort. Your lips find my ear, and you whisper, “I adore you.”

As his massive cock pushes into me over and over, you can feel my body tense and relax in rhythm.

Your selfish desires have drained out of you. You’re left with the need to watch him take me places with his huge cock that you cannot take me. You are content to be there for me, comforting me, and seeing me get the most out of the experience. You feel oddly protective of me.

Your breath is hot in my ear, sending shivers through my body. You tell me over and over how amazing I am, how you adore me, and how happy you are that I’m receiving such pleasure.

My hands have left the couch, and I’m clinging to you as I orgasm continuously. You are my rock right now.

You can feel a storm brewing inside me, where my body is almost frozen, and the tension in me gets tighter and tighter with every thrust.

A keening wail starts low in my throat, and builds. Higher and stronger…

And his pounding gets harder and faster. You brace for what you know is coming.

At the top of my scream, I flex, claws digging deep into you, pulling you into me, claiming you, while simultaneously holding on to you for dear life.

He bends over, bites the back of my neck and looks at you over my shoulder, letting out a base growl, and pushing deep as he explodes inside me.

Your cock is throbbing. Your body is aching in sympathy and craving. Your need to nurture is overpowering, and you want nothing more than to hold me as I collapse into you, to break my fall. Your hand runs through my hair, as you look Sir in the eye and smile.

His big arms reach around me and lift my limp and dazed form off of you. “Go to your place for a moment, pup.”

You climb down to your doggie bed and wait patiently.

He holds me close, cuddling me from behind, as he turns around and sits on the couch with me in his lap, his retreating cock still inside me.

I’m soft and delirious right now, barely aware of what’s going on around me. All I know is that I’m safe and cuddled.

After a few minutes, Sir says to you, quietly, “Pup, we’re dripping. Come over here and get this mess cleaned up.”


You slowly crawl over to us. Sir spreads his legs, which in turn spreads mine, on top of him.

You take in the sight of his still large softening cock firmly planted in my pussy, with his seed and my wetness combined dribbling down over his balls.

You start on his large sack, where it has dripped the farthest, and begin lapping eagerly. This is the first time you’ve ever tasted another man’s cum mixed with mine. The taste is intoxicating to you, drives you wild. Your tongue cleans up every bit of his ball sack, even the areas where the cum had not reached.

Once you’re satisfied with your job there, you move upward to his semi-hard shaft slowly retreating out of me. It’s still much larger than your own is when fully erect. You start licking and intentionally pull it out of me, taking the soft head into your mouth.

You clean it lovingly, with much desire. You look up to see both of us watching you, and freeze for a moment, realizing how you’ve lost yourself in your duty. You shake your head slightly and look deep into my eyes as you lower yourself to my wet, swollen, abused cunt.

You lick earnestly around my lips to the crease of my thighs, gathering up all the escaped moisture before diving into my dripping pink flesh.

You lick excitedly and suck, trying to pull every drop of his cum out of me.

Your careful attention feels so delicious, I can’t help but moan and slide down towards you the tiniest bit.

That moan spurs you to greater efforts. You want to please me so desperately after this beast of a man has had his way with me. Once you feel like you’ve properly cleaned me, you move upwards, towards my clit, licking, in long, lazy strokes.

I gasp and wiggle a bit, pulling further out of my post-coital reverie, to focus on the pleasure you’re giving me.

My clit is so swollen that it makes a perfect target for your eager tongue. You press firmly against it, pleasing it as you’ve learned to do.

It doesn’t take long before you’ve got me breathing hard, and gripping Sir, holding myself on him, while your mouth works it’s wonders.

As you care for me, I feel one of your hands reach up to clamp on my thigh, and feel the other working his cock gently between my legs.

His arms wrap around me, one around my middle, the other reaches around my chest, holding me tight, and grabbing and toying with one lace-covered breast as he watches you please me on his lap.

One of my hands goes to your hair, rubbing your scalp, and pulling your face harder into me.

You can feel the pressure building, and you feel pride that you are able to give me such pleasure, even after that beast has so thoroughly worn me out.

“Yesss, fuck. Ohhhh, Pet, you know just what to do to please me!”

You don’t relent or slow down. With Sir holding me in place, and your hand on my thigh, it’s easier for you to stay with me than usual. Your fingers dig deep into my flesh as waves start ripping through me. You keep going, knowing the big one is still to come.

My praise becomes incoherent as your tongue takes me higher. I’m trying to buck, but I’m held solidly in place. I moan and twist to sink my teeth into Sir’s neck. He smiles, showing all his teeth, watching you work his cock and my cunt at the same time, closing his thick thighs on you, tightening like a vise and holding you in your place.

Orgasm after orgasm ripple through me, as you wind me tighter and tighter for the big one you know is coming.

As my moans turn into snarls and growls, you know it’s near. My hands have become claws on your head and his thigh.

You’re trapped between our legs, and you love it. You would never want to leave there, anyway, given a chance. You keep your tongue firmly on me, your desire rising with my pleasure.

You love when I put myself at the mercy of your talented tongue. You keep going.

I’m growling and snarling and writhing and panting, when you feel me start to buck wildly and release all over you in wave after wave.

I don’t know how long it lasts. Maybe hours, maybe only a few seconds, but I’m seeing stars, and my hand is weakly patting your head.

You know that signal. We jokingly call it “tapping out.” It means that I feel like I’ve hit my limit and I’m floating wonderfully. It’s usually your cue to climb up next to me for some cuddle-bonding.

You slow your tongue down and let me rest a bit, but you don’t actually stop this time.

I whine a little when I don’t get what I want, to tired to protest more.

Sir is watching me and shoots you a quizzical look. You hope he understands your look, that you’d like him to trust you. He seems to, so you carry on with your plan.

As you continue to lick me gently, your slide Sir’s cock over my lips, adding a new sensation, the head circling my cunt in a slow rhythm. You begin adding more pressure to your tongue on my clit.

I’m so tired, but this insistent pleasure begins to return me to myself. I’m amazed that I’m not being allowed to rest, and I begin to struggle weakly.

Sir’s arms are still holding me gently but firmly and he’s watching you, intently.

You’re ignoring my feeble protests. At this point, you and Sir are in collusion to take me someplace I was not expecting to go. Your tongue is flick- ing at me, licking, taking me where you want me to go, as you are lost in your task of bringing me pleasure.

You are exactly where you want to be, doing exactly what you want to do.

I’m building again fast, and my surprise is turning to amazement. My Pet, my adored one has abandoned me and is torturing me beyond my limits.

As you use his cock as a tool on me, it twitches, stirring to semi-life in your hand. You moan onto me, surprised by how excited you are to have both of us at once, and your actions become more fervent.

You can feel me climbing that ladder to the sky, and even though I’m squirming, Sir is strong and holds me in place.

My amazement turns to fury and I struggle more intently, coming fully awake.

Of course, as I come fully to myself, the sensations in my cunt make themselves known, and a wave of pleasure crashes down on me, battering my senses.

I feel like a butterfly struggling in a gale wind, trying to get free with no chance of success.

You look up to take in my wild gaze, pouring all of your emotions and your soul’s desire to please me into your eyes.

I’m snarling and crying and feebly struggling while you push me further and further, closer and closer to the edge.

You know it will just take one final effort to push me over the brink.

“Ohhhhhhh, my mother fucking gawwwwd!” I howl to the world as my juices squirt out to soak your face and his cock thoroughly.

You suck and swallow as quickly as possible, try- ing to keep up with the sweet nectar pouring out all over your face.

I’m shuddering and shaking.

Small animal whimpers and racking breaths are all you hear from me now. I’m limp and unresponsive, my eyes half open and glassy.

You slow down and stop, after cleaning all my juices from my pussy and his cock. You lift up a bit, and push your face to lay softly on my belly, with Sir’s cock nestled below your chest on me

You listen to my breathing slow.

I don’t move at all.

Sir is watching you, quietly. Measuring.

As I calm, you back away carefully.

Sir stirs a bit, making as if to move.

Lifting me carefully, he turns around, as if to lay me down on the couch.

He whispers, “Pup, take off her bra, please.”

With a start you realize it’s been on this whole time, and you move over quickly to unhook it so it will come off easily.

“Now, go get me a blanket or throw.”

You mutely point to one right next to his hand that had half fallen off the couch.

“Good. Hold her for a minute.”

He sets me down in a sitting position in the middle of the couch, and you hold me there as he gets the throw and sits down. He reaches over and gently lays my head in his naked and still very impressive lap, and carefully puts the throw over me.

You help him tuck it around me, then sit back on your heels and look at him.

He looks back at you. He glances at your dog bed, then the couch and appears to think for a moment.

His arm reaches out and taps my thigh lightly. “Up, puppy. Lay with us, but don’t disturb her.”

You happily get up onto the conch and arrange your naked body over and around me carefully. I smile and one hand reaches down to just touch your cheek, while the other wraps around my thigh pillow.

“Good boy,” is the last thing you hear as you close your eyes in doggie bliss.

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