Because I Said So! Vol 2

Because I Said So! Vol 2

Because I Said So, Volume 2 cover

“Your body is amazing,” he said.

“Your body is amazing,”

he said.

“Tell me
what makes it amazing to you,”

I replied.

“I love your pale skin. I love your tummy. Your hips.
Your nipples,
the way your breasts move for me.

The way your body reacts to my hands,
my touch.

The way you shudder for me,
moan for me.

You are beautiful to me,
under me,
over me.

When you cum.

Watching your body shiver, when he shoves
his cock
in you,
while I watch.

While you cum for him,
while I
hold you.

This body,
my hands.

I love how I can touch you, touch you,

How you want them both,”

he said.

“How I need them both,”

I said.


he said.

all mine.

Just as I
am yours. Owned. Ruined.

Your body is amazing.”

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