Because I Said So! Vol 2

Because I Said So! Vol 2

Because I Said So, Volume 2 cover

My Pet

What do you think it would be like to be on your hands and knees a few feet in front of me, sitting in an armchair? I am wearing only a white, lacy g-string and a pair of high, white heels.

My partner, a giant of a man, a dominant alpha male, is standing behind my chair, his powerful hands on my shoulders. You can see Sir’s strong hands pressing into my flesh in possession, but my eyes are locked on yours, claiming you.

You would of course, have your leather collar on. With the matching handle attached. You love your collar. The feel of it around your neck, the smell of the thick leather as it warms to your skin. The knowledge that you are owned.

I lick my lips and smile just a bit, looking into your eyes with adoration. And want. I want you. You know I do. I tell you often enough that you know that look. The need that fills me.

And you’re filled with a need as well. A need to serve.

My pet.

Sir says, “Crawl to her. Put your face as close as you can to her cunt, without touching. Smell it’s heat. That heat owns you. Commands you. You can’t help but obey and desire and want.”

“Yes, Sir,” you say.

Do you crawl to me, and do as he says? Yes, of course you do.

You crawl towards me on your hands and knees, your handle swinging below you, touching your arms as you move across the floor.

I’m still looking at you. Catching your eyes. I’m still silent, and you sense I will be for a while. You convey all that you can with your eyes and your posture as my scent hits you and you find yourself with your face hovering over my heat.

Your breath is labored. Like you’ve been running. Or arguing. Your chest is tight with need and anticipation. A shiver runs through your body. A reaction to me. To woman.

My heat draws you in. You want to taste.

Sir says, “Touch your cock. Make sure it’s hard. I want to see that little cock straining for release before you are allowed to touch any inch of her.”

I watch your hand move to touch yourself. I know your cock is already aroused, and that you touching yourself will make it even harder.

You can’t help it. The sound of his voice speaking to you that way makes your cock almost jump into your hand. Your eyes widen, then close slightly as you stroke your small cock, smelling me and needing me, while mentally comparing your size to Sir’s. It’s no contest. His is double yours in length and girth. A shiver runs through you and your cock is as stiff as it can be.

It twitches in your hand, impatiently.

I lift one foot off the floor and rest my heel on your back, pressing it into you as you touch yourself. You gasp as my heel touches your back and your body tenses and jerks with the sensation.

Your hand is slick with your own pre-cum, dribbling out with your arousal. You inhale deeply, smelling me. My need for you growing.

“That’s a good pet. A good dog for his Mistress. Does the pet boy want to lick his Mistress? Show her what a good little pet he is?” Sir asks.

You nod your head, barely trusting your voice. “Yes, Sir. Please.” You feel more pre-cum escape.

“Please? Well, then you’d better do it well. I want her pleased tonight. And don’t let your puny little cock go soft.”

“You’re not worthy to touch her without a full erection, to show your desire and need. It’s small, but what it lacks in size, you can make up for with enthusiasm, right, Pet?”

I can barely hear you when you reply, “Yes, Sir.”

I slide my hips forward on the chair, pushing them under you, and exposing myself to your mouth and tongue. A wave of scent, sweet and salty hits you as you lower yourself to taste me through the lace.

You lick my panties thoroughly, running your tongue over the texture, pressing the fabric into me, making sure you cover every bit of them be- fore you move them aside to lick my flesh like an eager dog.

I moan as your tongue finally touches me, skin-to-skin.

Sir says, “That’s a good pet. Make her moan. I want your Mistress to writhe for you and for me. I want to see her pleasure on her face, here it in her voice.”

“Are you staying hard, pet? Do I have to check to make sure?”

Your cock is indeed still hard. Throbbing. You squeeze it and your ass wags as you lap at me.

You reply, “Yes, Sir. No, Sir. I mean, if you want to, Sir,” before pressing yourself back into my pussy.

You find that spot. The one you know so well.

I gasp.

You hear Sir speak. “Yes Pet, that sounds about right. Keep at it, Pet. Make your Mistress cum under my hands. You are my tool. You’re hers, but you are mine, as well. You do only as I command tonight. To please her. And to please me.”

At those words, you feel something inside you relax. You know your purpose tonight. Your place. You find your focus and gain control of yourself, lapping at my clit, pressing that button with all the skills you have.

My eyes are half-closed, and my lips are parted as my hips grind below you. Sir’s hands have moved from my shoulders down to my breasts, claiming them. His large hands engulf my tits, covering them. Possessing them.

You hold tight to me, your free arm wrapped under and around my thigh, holding yourself on me as I wriggle and squirm.

Seeing his thick fingers wrap around my breasts above you makes your cock throb in your hand.

My head falls back and I give myself over to the pleasure. Sir’s hands push my body rhythmically into your face.

I’m biting my lip and making little groans of pleasure you know so well.

My sounds lead you, telling you when you are pushing me forward, closer and closer to the first wave of many.

Somehow as I move, your tongue stays with my clit, always taking me higher.

I open my eyes, and watch you as Sir orchestrates my pleasure tonight. I am lost between his hands and your tongue, all sensation and desire.

You look up and he catches your eye. You feel it, deep down in your core. Exactly what you are. That feeling brings a rush of warmth surging up and you squeeze me tightly with your free hand.

Flying swiftly towards pleasure in my head, my hand curls in your hair, pulling you hard into me, while the other grasps at one of his strong arms, trying to pull him even closer to me.

I let out a moan that is suddenly cut off. You glance up to see his mouth covering mine with a deep kiss.

You whisper, “Ohhhhh fuck yes,” as you push your tongue even harder into me. I start to shake and shudder.

Sir lifts his face from mine, and says, “Pet, I want you to slide your fingers inside her. Don’t let go of that tiny little cock. Use your other hand. And don’t let her slip away. Keep her going. I want to see her mark your face with her juices.”

You do as you are told, sliding two fingers into my wet cunt. I grasp at them, greedily, tightening down on them in pleasure.

The feeling of your fingers pushing inside me sends me over the top. I scream and shudder on you. Under his hands.

You stay with me, riding the wave of pleasure and not stopping. Not letting me squirm away. You know if you keep it up, you can take me through dozens of orgasms before I can’t handle it anymore, and you intend to keep going until you are told otherwise.

I clench my teeth and keep going. Growling and whimpering in waves, riding your face. You can feel my juices covering you from forehead to chin. Wetting your eyelashes, filling your nose.

“Ohhhh, very good, Pet. That is such a good Pet,” Sir says.

“Yes,” you moan, “Yes.”

You love the feeling of my body letting loose of reality under your tongue and fingers.

Sir speaks, “Pleasuring your Mistress is something you do so well.”

“Thank you, Sir,” you reply.

“I want you to keep it up. And keep stroking that tiny of cock of yours.”

“Yes, Sir.”

You continue doing what you love to do, pleasuring and taste me.

Sir moves from his position behind me, and lifts one of his long legs over the chair, straddling it and placing the head of his huge cock at my lips. His ass is right in front of your face as you keep licking me.

You can see his muscular ass and legs before you. His huge balls hanging. His male scent mingles with my pussy in your nose.

You can see his ass muscles clench and pulse and you feel my body move now in different patterns as I adjust to him entering my mouth.

The scents and sights are driving you crazy. You’re struggling to see everything as you service me, but his sculpted body blocks your sight.

My cunt spasms again on your fingers, another wave of pleasure coursing through me, as you hear me gag and cough on his massive cock.

Hearing me gag makes your cock jump and spurt out more slippery pre-cum.

You can see his balls raise and fall with his rhythm and pleasure.

“Don’t you stop, little pet,” Sir growls.

There is no need for a reply. Your face is buried in my wet cunt doing exactly what it’s supposed to do.

“I want her overwhelmed with sensation, the feel of man and boy, everywhere on her,” Sir says.

His ass rides just above your head, sometimes touching you as you work enthusiastically. Your heart quickens when he brushes against you. You lean forward to feel it more, and your fingers reach deeper inside me.

I am tiring and starting to slow down. My body is running to exhaustion as wave after wave of orgasm rips through me. You know that I will collapse soon, and you wonder if you’ll be forced to drive me through that. And what might happen if you are.

Suddenly, you feel his leg lifted back over the chair, and his other leg move into position. A huge hand grasps your hair and pulls your face up off my cunt, so you are looking his thick cock in the eye.

“Keep your hands working. I think she needs a rest.”

You struggle to catch your breath. “You know what to do, Pet.”

You realize this is nowhere near over, and you settle in for a long evening. You let go of all thoughts, and part your lips…

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